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Oil! a Novel by Upton Sinclair

Oil! a Novel by Upton Sinclair
Pages: 533
ISBN: 0848823915
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Sinclair wrote with the fervent energy of a true believer, but the entire time I read the book, I approached it with the perspective of history in mind. History has basically shown Sinclair, and those who subscribed to his idealistic view of the "workers", to be wrong. The camps that he describes for (basically) a good Socialist society at the end of the book were tried, with great success. The problem is, the Nazis and Stalin were the ones that pulled it off. This book was written in 1927 and has nothing but praise for the Soviets, claiming that the only reason we heard bad things on this side of the Atlantic was because of jingoistic journalism that was manipulated by the power brokers. Again, history shows this to be categorically untrue, especially when Lenin himself referred to people like Sinclair as "useful idiots."And the worst part is, I can forgive the weak writing style in favor of the ardent idealism - if I can divorce the facts of the world from how Sinclair viewed them. But it gets tiring, as the book devolves, basically, into a whiny drone about how unfair it is that there are winners and losers at all. Everyone can agree that there need to be regulations and a truly free market cannot sustain itself, but the converse is true, that the "workers paradise" envisioned by Sinclair is a pipe dream manufactured by propagndists and power hounds (look at the history Chicago, for Pete's sake).The one disturbing thing is that the rhetoric is so familiar in the present day. According to Sinclair, WWI was about oil. WWII was going to be about Oil. Apparently that drum beat has been pounding not just about the gulf war, but about every war America has ever gotten into.Still, I would love to find out how Sinclair would have reacted to the end result of Hitler's and Stalin's machinations; keep in mind that they were themselves representative of the Socialist State ideal: all are equal, none are special and all efforts are directed to the betterment not of the self but the state. Sinclair even advances the ideal of putting people in khakis only to get rid of "fashion" -- which again, is something the Nazi party did.So, it's interesting to read this from an historical perspective, it just devolves into whiny idealism by the end.

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