Gefürchtet (Evan Delaney #3) download pdf

Gefürchtet (Evan Delaney #3)

Gefürchtet (Evan Delaney #3)
Pages: 464
ISBN: 345343322X
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I don't understand how a lawyer turned science fiction writer can have so many awful things happen to her. It's kind of like Jack Reacher in Lee Child's novels, how everywhere he goes he gets sucked into something bad except that with Evan the bad things are happening to the people around her as well. The first book was about the insanity that surrounded her brother, his child and ex-wife. The next was about her fiancee and his accident years before and this one was about Jesse's brother. It just seems a little unbelievable especially given that she's not in a line of work that would put her in danger. Meg Gardiner even alludes to it at one point when Carl asks her if she's ever thought about why all these bad things keep happening to her.But despite that, the book was good. Kept me reading and interested to see what happened to everyone. I'll probably read the next one just to see what kind of trouble she gets into next.

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