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Seduction of Lady X

Seduction of Lady X
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This is one of the worst historical romance novels I have ever read. First, I don't know why, but I loathe stories in which the heroine is married, but falls in love with some rake or hot gentleman - and I don't care how abusive or horrible the husband of the heroine is. Second, there were scenes of rape and beatings - that was a surprise as I've never encountered scenes as described in any other HR book. Third, although it was a relief when the evil husband died, his death was just a little too late, easy and convenient. Fourth, there was WAY too much drama, angst, and self-sacrificing going on even after the husband died. I remember being extremely frustrated and angry, but thinking that I'm already 70-80% done, I might as find out how their HEA will be written. But no! They didn't get together until the VERY end of the book - I was 95-97% through the book before even a hint of a HEA was indicated. And that was only because at the very last moment, the spoiled, annoying, self-serving sister of the heroine finally realizes she's not doing the right thing by marrying the hero.Also, I really hated the hero. What a wimp, even if he was a complete gentleman. When it came to the sex, I was grossed out - and I actually adore reading about the intimacy between the H/h usually. In this case, it felt like the author felt she needed to put it in because it was required of her to do so. Not that there was too much detail or anything, I was just too mad and irritated to want to know about their sex life at that point.

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