Seduction of Lady X review

Seduction of Lady X

Seduction of Lady X
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When Lady Olivia Carey married Lord Edward Carey, she was a lovely and innocent young girl taken with the idea of marriage to a man who appeared to be a gentleman. She quickly found that not to be the case. Instead, Edward was a drunkard who came to her bed to rape her in an attempt to get an heir. Often, the whiskey kept him from being able to perform. He constantly insulted and abused her. She felt that this was to be her lot in life and she did all she could to cajole Edward and put up a brave front. Her younger sister, Alexa, had recently come to live with them after her tour of Italy with her aunt. Their parents were now both deceased. It soon became apparent to Olivia that Alexa was pregnant and she admitted to her that she had fallen in love with a man named Carlos and had gotten pregnant. She fled Italy when she saw him kissing another woman. When Edward finds out about Alexa's pregnancy, he is enraged and banishes her from the house. The steward for the Carey's estate, Harrison Tolly, had been born a bastard. He had worked as steward of the estate, was a wonderful manager, and had been with the family for some time. He lived in the Dower House. He continuously told his friends who tried to fix him up with a woman that he is in love with Lady X and refuses to give her name. He was a gentle man and a kind friend to Olivia. This friendship flares to love. Of course, Lady X is Olivia. They both know their love can never be and he kindly offers to wed Alexa to save her child from being a bastard like he was.The abuse that Olivia suffers from Edward enraged me as I read it. The author's descriptions of the situation were on target with how many alcoholics and abusers act. But the love that Olivia and Harrison share for one another is so fragile and delicate, again as beautifully described by the author.Without giving out any more spoilers, I would say that this was one of the most satisfying romance novels I've read in quite awhile. Although I have not read the first two novels of this series, I most certainly intend to do so right away.

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