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Seduction of Lady X
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Okay, here's where the important difference between "I liked it" and "It was a really good book" come in-- there are books out there that I respect as really good reads (this would be one of them), but just aren't my cup of tea. This was a four-star book: well-written, had good characterization, nice plot development... but the first two-thirds of the plot create a soul-destroying and *increasingly* bleak place for the main characters. I enjoy books most when I can at least partially identify with a main character. Instead, I found myself mentally distancing myself from Olivia, because I just couldn't put myself into her kind of awful. There's spousal abuse (verbal and physical-- and if reading a rape scene makes you uncomfortable, this may not be the book for you). There're doomed noble gestures. There's personal sacrifice. There're star-crossed lovers. (Asteroids-destroy-the-planet level of star-crossed, let me tell you.) There's an ENORMOUS amount of miscommunication, false rumor, untimely eavesdropping, and misinterpreted signals that make an already horrible situation much, much worse.It DOES get better (eventually). There is, almost miraculously, an HEA (more than one, even). But getting there was SO FREAKING DEPRESSING (particularly in the current political climate, when a lot of politicians seem eager to return women to this condition-- and people say romances don't have anything meaningful to contribute!) that I nearly gave up on it halfway through. I'm glad I didn't, but there was definitely some agonized weeping involved, getting to the end.I took minor exception to the title, too-- to begin with, the identity of Harrison's "Lady X" is *not* kept a mystery from Olivia for very long (the better to torture her with, I suppose... I actually would've liked for that mystery to play out a little longer). And anyone who reads this expecting a "seduction" is in for a most bitter shock. (Really, who comes up with these things? Did the author have any say in the title at all?) Something like "Memoirs of a Star-Crossed Lady" or "Saving Olivia" or even "The Curse of Ashwood Hall" or "The Gentleman in the Dowager House" would be a much better clue as to what the reader was in for.Four stars for quality, but not really my kind of book.

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